Squash Court Booking & Reservation System

Squash is not only an established sport and the favourite of many, but a sport growing in popularity at an exponential rate.

With over twenty million regular players around the world, with a large proportion of those players in the UK, the demand for squash courts is ever-present and ever-increasing. With Forbes magazine recently voting squash as the world’s healthiest sport, this demand will only keep growing in the future.

With this increasing demand for great squash courts, coupled with changing customer expectations, it has never been more important for these facilities to have a modern booking system that can keep up with these needs.

Here is how Hallmaster's Squash Court
Booking and Invoicing Systems can help you!

Hallmaster Saves You Time

  • Streamline your enquiry and venue booking system quickly, efficiently and avoid any double bookings
  • Customers can view availability and make reservations online in realtime, reducing the amount of calls you take.
  • Authorised users can take control of bookings if you are ill or away
  • Manage bookings for multiple pitches for your squash court.

Invoice and Payment Tracking Module

  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you.


  • Publicise events, classes and meetings through Social Media Websites (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Integration with your own website.
  • Help publicise those already using your facilities to ensure their success

Helps Generate and Track Income

  • Helps maximise the letting potential of your Church Hall or rooms
  • Gives visibility to your Church Hall 24 hours a day for just £2.64 per week!
  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you

Why Use an Online Booking System for a Squash Court?

Customers expect to be able to find information, view vacancies, and make bookings entirely online, and as quickly as possible. These are features offered by the vast majority of sports venues and facilities, from the largest gyms, courts, pitches and pools, to the smallest local leisure centres.

Thankfully now with online booking systems available to businesses large and small, and fast internet connections now ubiquitous, these web-based features can be taken advantage of by every kind of business.

Online booking systems have the key benefit of being entirely cloud-based – meaning they exist and operate totally online.

The huge benefit of this is its centralised nature. Customers can complete their entire research phase, right through to the point of booking – all without requiring the intervention of a booking’s officer.

This frees the booking officer up, as they no longer need to attend to every single booking – an online booking system automates much of this work. This ultimately leads to a venue being able to take a larger number of customers, and therefore increase their revenue.

Squash Court Booking

The demand for squash courts has never been higher. With more people than ever looking for ways of keeping fit, and squash being recognised internationally as the world’s healthiest sport, it seems likely that the player base will only keep increasing.

Unlike other sports such as football and running, squash requires a specialised court to play. This means that as more people take up their racquets and start to play, the demand for squash facilities will grow.

As well as this growth in demand, however, there is another major factor that squash courts will need to take into account – changes in customer expectations and needs.

Today, customers of all kinds of businesses expect particular features when interacting with the services on offer. This includes online integration, and easy access to information and the service they need. Squash courts are no different.

Why Hallmaster is the Top Choice of Online Booking Systems

Now you can see the massive potential benefits for your squash court in adopting an online booking system, here’s why Hallmaster is by far the best choice for you.

At Hallmaster, we’ve taken our more than two decades of experience in designing online tools for businesses of all kinds, and created the industry-leading booking software that helps tens of thousands of venues all across the UK and around the world.

The key to why our customers love Hallmaster is in the combination of our powerful suite of tools, with an unrivaled ease of use.

You can embed the booking calendar directly into your squash courts webpage. From here, visitors can view available time slots and facilities, and make their booking – all without leaving your site.

For you and your venue admin, the Hallmaster dashboard offers quick and easy access to all the tools you need to manage your venue. This includes a bookings section, customer information, invoicing tools, reports feature, and much more. Use what features you need in order to run your squash court your way!

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