Venue Access Integration - with RemoteLOCK

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your customers access to your venue, even if you couldn’t be on site to let them in?

If you already have such a system, you can now integrate it with Hallmaster so that each room or zone allows access according to the time of each booking and which room it’s being held in.

About RemoteLOCK

Say goodbye to keys and hello to smart access control. RemoteLock’s universal access control platform offers the convenience and control that you need to manage access to your properties while sparing your guests the inconvenience of coordinating precisely-timed key exchanges. Trusted by property managers around the world, RemoteLOCK integrates with industry-leading smart locks, popular booking sites, and property management systems so hosts can automate property access and eliminate the hassle of keys for good.

Key Features
● No more lost keys.
          Say goodbye to lock boxes and impromptu key handoffs or replacements. With unique, self-expiring access codes, your guests will never have to deal with the frustration of being locked out.

● Automate access credentials for guests.
          Integrate RemoteLOCK with your booking software. Automatically generate self-expiring access codes for each guest when they book and remotely manage access for all users.

● Choose from the leading smart lock brands.
          Mix and match smart locks from the leading brands you know and trust, including Yale, Schlage, Kwikset, August and more.

● Provide a completely contactless experience.
          Streamline check-in and check-out and promote personal safety by limiting contact with your guests.

● Make turnovers a breeze.
          Eliminate tedious back-and-forth messaging with your cleaner or handyman to coordinate key handoffs. Instead, simply set an access code for them that will only work during the times you set.

Contact RemoteLock Sales to learn more about pricing at

For this add-on module, there is an additional annual fee of £28.80 per year (including vat). It cannot be used as a stand alone tool and can only be used and bought with an existing approved Hallmaster license.  Please contact us if you would like this added to your existing license or free trial.


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