About Hallmaster Booking & Reservation Systems

Developed in close conjunction with committee members and trustees, Hallmaster was developed to alleviate the common problems Village Halls, Community Centres, Church Halls and Clubhouse Volunteers have in managing their bookings & invoices.

Used in 1500+ venues…and counting.

How does Hallmaster help?

Many halls find that after integrating Hallmaster into their website, promoting online availability and current events, they now reach a much wider audience, and therefore generated the self-funding they needed.

So are you still in control?

The simple answer is yes! Booking Officers can now create and manage all their bookings any time of day or night and from any computer/mobile connected to the internet. If they ever go on holiday or off sick, another Authorised Administrator can step in and manage the Bookings in their place. Once Registered through the Hallmaster Website you can get started straight away in completing the Venue details, Rooms and Facilities, different Room Rates, Customers and Activities, including integrating your Hall’s existing Website, plus for a Multi-Venue option that allows Town & Parish Councils and Co-Operatives to manage all their venues under one Hallmaster License.

The Annual Licence Fee will give Unlimited Bookings, Unlimited Invoicing (with the invoicing module), Free System Upgrades and Telephone and Online Meeting Support.

Hallmaster History - a software
brand that you can trust!

Hallmaster is a trading name of Hallmaster Ltd which has been developing websites since the early 90’s, including designing one of the first database driven Ecommerce Online Websites. This knowledge and experience of Web Design and Development has been at the forefront of developing the unique features of Hallmaster, the Online Booking and Invoice Management System specifically designed for Village Halls, Community Centres and Venues with rooms to hire. From the beginning, the success of Hallmaster was recognised by ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) and this brought about an Agreement with to promote the system through its network of RCC Advisers Nationally, with the aim to improving the management and day to day running of Village Halls, Community Centres, Church Halls and Clubhouses.


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