ACRE - Action with Communities in Rural England

ACRE is a national charity speaking up for and supporting rural communities. It is the national representative body for the ACRE Network, England’s largest rural grouping of community support charities who work to make sure no one is disadvantaged by where they live.

Members of the ACRE Network support a wide range of community-led initiatives in rural communities that encourage a culture of volunteering and mutual aid, reduce social isolation and loneliness, increase the supply of affordable housing, boost the local economy, and reduce impact on the environment. One such service is advice and support for the volunteers who run England’s 10,000 village halls.

Hallmaster has worked with ACRE for over ten years in support of village halls. Our booking system is widely used by rural community buildings across the country, and we have attended many ACRE events over the years demonstrating its benefits to management committees.

If your hall is affiliated with any ACRE Network member, you can get a £12 discount off the annual Hallmaster licence. Please contact us with your membership details to get the discount code.

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