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Some Halls are happy to speak about how Hallmaster is helping the Management of their Bookings and Invoicing, however please bear in mind that, probably like yourselves, many are volunteers and cannot be expected to go into in-depth detail. For this sort of information please contact us directly and we will be pleased to help.

Village Hall

Hallmaster has been transformative - not least by increasing business bookings and commercial income, which supports our community activity. The contrast with when people had to phone or email to book, is remarkable. Now people can go straight from a social media post to the website and see space availability. They can request a viewing, or book it online, and we get an instant notification. That means we know if bookings are on target or if we need to promote particular times or spaces to increase occupancy.

We are four times busier than before, our venue is now highly occupied across the day, having previously only been busy in the evening, and local businesses and clubs are now using our meeting room more. We hope this shows other community venues how to become more resilient by going digital.

Morley Village Hall

Village Hall

After almost 12 months of using Hallmaster we have seen really good benefits from

the booking/invoicing system. It has made the management of our bookings so much easier for us and our customers.

And the invoicing system has hugely reduced the effort needed by our treasurer, he is very happy. The Dashboard and reports

easily highlight actions needed and a view of income/usage across the site

Hawkesbury Village Hall


Having used Hallmaster for 2 years now, it is clear that the main benefits are the extraordinary flexibility and user friendly format.

Especially during the pandemic, with the use of the venue changing frequently, Hallmaster's features made the situation far more manageable.

As a dynamic product, the continual updates & improvements and excellent customer support make Hallmaster exceptional value for money.

Paul Dredge
The Spire

The Croft

The Trustees of the Croft Hall in Hungerford signed up for a trial of the Hallmaster system in February of 2021 and have used it for bookings, invoicing and general management ever since. Our clients are totally at home with the way they can reserve times and with the way the system keeps them informed. Even though our treasurer is a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers and has to have a hard copy of every invoice we issue, the rest of us can very easily find whatever we need from our Hallmaster Dashboard.

There are comprehensive reporting systems which allow access to historical data and therefore tools to predict activity in the coming period. There have been ongoing enhancements to the system and support when needed is readily available. All we are waiting for now is a facility to convert the booking data into a digital output that will automatically allow access for the specific client and advanced heating of the chosen room during the winter. Very satisfied

The Croft Hall

Memorial Hall


Your support guys are amazingly helpful – Bernard and Tom . The way you work and implement new feedback and release new functionality in the system is brilliant. We are a very busy hall even though we only have 2 rooms and I could not manage it without the Hallmaster system.

I’m now working on the integration into Quickbooks which will take me a bit of time (fitting around the day job etc) but I’m sure once its up and running that too will help our treasurer the same way the booking system has helped me. Can’t recommend you highly enough.

Packington Memorial Hall

St Peter’s

I started as our Church Centre Manager in October last year, I researched an online booking and invoicing system and discovered Hallmaster. I started on the trial and soon discovered how easy Hallmaster is to use, and every question I had was answered via the “contact us” button on the home page, has been answered very quickly and clearly.

The invoicing is very easy to use and in comparison with the very complex system we were using it is amazingly quick and fuss free, I highly recommend Hallmaster to any venue who want to run efficiently, the fact everything is available online means you can work from anywhere, check and answer any queries from customers or the management committee very easily. The reporting features are a good tool to be able to articulate how bookings etc are going. Finally the YouTube videos are an excellent resource to find out in your own time how to get the best out of the system.

St Peter’s Centre, Notts


Since using hallmaster we've reduced our costs of booking administration by £2,000 per year and our customers are delighted by the speed and ease of making bookings

Gartmore Hall

Chain Lane Community Hub

We are new to Hallmaster after having huge problems with our previous bookings system, which was outdated and not really fit for purpose. Having looked around, we found that Hallmaster suited us really well. The room bookings are easy to set up and the fact that we can link our calendar of events to our website saves us work and will keep our online class information up to date and accessible. The free trial was really useful and a good incentive, so as it came to an end we were more than happy to sign up.

Chain Lane Community Hub

Kirk Deighton
Village Hall

I would like to say that Hallmaster has saved me hours of work running the booking system of our village hall. Sending out the monthly invoices, in our pre Hallmaster days, used to take me, literally, all day, even using a computer. Now, I can produce all of the monthly invoices in under an hour. It is also much easier to accept bookings – I can even accept and process them when I am away from home using my phone. Using Hallmaster also means that our online bookings calendar is readily available to all of out Trustees and Volunteers which is necessary when arranging for maintenance or cleaning to be carried out on the hall.

Kirk Deighton Village Hall

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