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Developed in close conjunction with Quaker Meeting House committee members, Hallmaster was developed to alleviate the common problems Quaker Meeting Houses, Community Centres, Church Halls and Clubhouse Volunteers have in managing their bookings & invoices.

Hallmaster has simplified the way we handle bookings, and has made it easy for everyone to see when the building is in use and by whom.

Wendrie Heywood

Uxbridge LM

Hallmaster is the software of choice for many meeting houses on the national Quaker Life Wardenship Egroup network as those that have adopted the online booking system find it is a great fit for their needs.

In Bristol Area Quaker Meeting Hallmaster supports teamwork as it enables the wardens across the city to cover one another and satisfy room hire requests in a single enquiry.

Hallmaster’s customer service is exceptional. It is fast, responsive, friendly and open to subscribers’ suggestions which may be incorporated in regular development updates and includes a comprehensive and easily accessed manual embedded in the site. The reports that the software can generate in seconds cover many areas of interest to those responsible for professional Meeting House management.

Judi Brill

Quaker Life Wardenship Egroup Administrator

Here is how Hallmaster's Quaker Meeting House
Booking and Invoicing Systems can help you!

Saves You Time

We have been working very closely with Quaker Meeting Houses and other Venues with rooms for hire, to produce one of the most advanced booking systems around. Many free online calendars can’t be booked directly by visitors wanting to hire a room, instead they need to phone or email the Bookings Officer who then has to go back and forth with different dates and times of room availability. Most Bookings Officers will know how time consuming that can be!
Hallmaster streamlines the booking process for you, including creating recurring bookings by just entering the information once, avoiding duplicate bookings, generates a printout of bookings for the coming week or month, and much more, to enable the overall smooth running of the Meeting House or Centre.

Real-Time Availability - Real-Time Booking

Put simply, the visitor wanting to hire a room can instantly check the availability with the Hallmaster Quickview Calendar. They click on an available date, fill in a form asking for basic information about their booking and the booking request is emailed to the Bookings Officer. The Booking Officer then logs in to their control panel and is able to instantly accept or decline the booking and amend it too if necessary.

Stay in Control

Bookings Officers can create and manage all their bookings any time of day or night and from any computer connected to the internet. If they ever go away on holiday or off sick, another Authorised Administrator can step in and manage the bookings too.

Unlimited Bookings and No Commission Charge

Hallmaster charges an Annual Licence Fee for which you get Unlimited Bookings, Free System Upgrades (when they are released), and Telephone Support.

To discuss any aspect of Hallmaster, please feel free to call 01929 509846 or email info@hallmaster.co.uk

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