Take and manage your venue bookings online!

Having a streamlined, user-friendly booking system is essential for any venue. From village halls and clubhouses to masonic halls, every kind of venue relies on event bookings to ensure a steady and reliable income.
Until now, the process of taking bookings could be cumbersome, with double-bookings or lost appointments slipping through the cracks. But thanks to the feature-rich event booking system provided by Hallmaster, these problems are a thing of the past.

Village Halls, Community Centres, Church Halls, Clubhouses, Masonic Halls, Scouts and Theatres.

What Hallmaster will do for you...

The Bookings Officer

  • Promotes your room or facility availability in real time.
  • Takes provisional bookings for you 24/7 (these need to be confirmed by you).
  • Avoids double bookings.
  • Quickly add and manage regular customers and their bookings
    (and Invoices*).
  • Automates booking confirmations.
  • Allows access for multiple administrators (in case someone is away).
  • Integrates and works seamlessly with your own website.
    Generates reports on booking patterns and occupancy.
    Avoids unnecessary paperwork.

The Local Community

  • Public events are displayed via the calendar, scheduler and agenda screens that can be integrated directly into your own website.
  • Gives information about public classes and meetings etc also includes event organiser contact details – this then reduces the amount of calls to the Booking Officer!

The Event Organiser

  • Have their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*).
  • Can make a Booking Request directly from the calendar (if enabled).
  • The booking request is automatically sent to the Booking Officer for confirmation.
  • Displays up to date availability, contact details and information about the event 24/7 (when set to public).
  • Allows promotion of your own website and Facebook page.
  • Private events are hidden.

Why Hallmaster is the best online Booking Service for single venues

With over two decades of experience in designing online tools for businesses of all kinds, we are Hallmaster pride ourselves in having created industry-leading booking software from the ground up.

The key to Hallmaster’s success is in its unique combination of simplicity and flexibility. The simplicity comes in the form of a booking calendar customer interface, which can be embedded directly on your venue’s webpage. From this calendar, customers can view existing bookings, find vacancies, and make bookings, all without leaving your venue’s page. The flexibility comes from the sheer power of the software’s design. As the user, you can control what Hallmaster does, and make use of our array of tools, all from the user dashboard. Control your venue’s bookings, send automated emails directly to your customers, generate invoices, and even post to social media, all from your dashboard. This streamlining has already been proven to eliminate double-bookings, and increase revenue.

With Hallmaster, your venue will be ready to serve its customers better than ever before.

Single Venue Booking System

For all kinds of venues, workflows and customer expectations are shifting at an ever-increasing pace. These changes are being motivated by many factors, but the results are the same: businesses and venues must modernise in order to stay relevant.
This is equally as true for businesses hiring out single venues – in some ways even more so. These changes can seem daunting, but they don’t have to be so. Online booking systems can help modernise venue workflows quickly and easily – and Hallmaster is the best there is.

Why use Online Booking Software for Single Venues?

For organisations and businesses that run single venues, the customer experience is often absolutely paramount. They are in a unique position to provide local venues for activities as varied as tennis and yoga, to weddings and town meetings. They often aim to achieve a one-to-one relationship with regular, local customers, and this kind of direct customer interaction is key to their business practice.
From community centres to church halls, schools to libraries, their workflows – such as booking systems, for example – are also often based on years of fine-tuning. For these reasons, it is understandable why single venue businesses can be hesitant when it comes to changing how they operate.
But we are seeing more and more single-venue businesses having to modernise to stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of venue hire. Put simply: if customers can’t book venues online with quick and easy service, then they will find another venue that provides that.
With online booking services, anyone looking to hire out a venue can transform their booking system with ease, and adapt to these changing customer expectations. With Hallmaster, your venue will not only adapt – it will thrive.

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