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Maximise your Letting Potential with Hallmaster

During these difficult times, businesses are needing to do everything they can to generate booking and generate profits that may have been lost during the pandemic. Hallmaster is a complete Online Booking and Invoice Management System designed specifically to help venues like yours to maximize their hiring potential

We have recently partnered with Venues4hire, which would allow your venue to have a direct link from your listing - to your own booking page on your website. As booking habits have now changed, people expect to be able to book their own events online - using Hallmaster means all this can be done using one interface, streamlining the customer experience. It also means there will be less demand on the booking staff, as well as improving and maximizing the venues booking potential.

The Invoicing and Payment Tracking module allows you to generate an invoice against single or multiple bookings per customer, either in advance or arrears- meaning you can keep a track on who owes you money and who has paid you, and ensuring you don't miss invoicing anyone!

In the meantime, the best thing to do is to register for our 90-day free trial, we provide an extensive user guide as well as in-house support agents - just download the guide or contact us if you need our help!

  • Displays real time room availability 24 hours a day
  • Takes booking requests from the calendar or scheduler
  • Manage your bookings from any computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Allows access for multiple admins with different roles at the same time
  • Generates & emails customer invoices
  • Tracks customer invoices & payments
  • Produces pre-defined reports
  • Telephone & email support for administrators
  • No software to download
  • Integrate with your own website or use as an in-house only system
  • Free system upgrades
  • Leaves you in control of your bookings and saves you time
  • Helps maximise the letting potential of your venue or space
  • Affordable

FREE 90 Day Trial with Telephone and Email Support

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