Hallmaster Booking System for Multiple Venues

Town Councils, Parish Councils, Consortiums, Co-Operatives ...

These are some of the Organisations now using Hallmaster to manage Multiple Venues themselves or, oversee the management of multiple venues by other Committee Members.

What Hallmaster will do for You...

The Multi Venue Administrator:

  • has access to manage all Venues in the one account
  • can view and amend bookings, invoicing and reports for all Venues
  • can add or amend other Administrators for each Venue
  • has access to audit information of Administrator activity
  • licence covers all Venues under one account
  • price on application

The Bookings Officer:

  • promotes your room or facility availability in real time
  • takes provisional bookings for you 24/7 (these need to be confirmed by you)
  • avoids double bookings
  • quickly add and manage regular customers and their bookings (and Invoices*)
  • automates booking confirmations
  • allows access for multiple administrators (in case someone is away)
  • integrates and works seamlessly with your own website
  • generates reports on booking patterns and occupancy
  • avoids unnecessary paperwork

The Event Organiser:

  • have their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*)
  • can make a Booking Request directly from the calendar (if enabled)
  • the booking request is automatically sent to the Booking Officer for confirmation
  • displays up to date availability, contact details and information about the event 24/7 (when set to public)
  • allows promotion of your own website and Facebook page
  • private events are hidden

The Local Community:

  • Public events are displayed via the calendar, scheduler and agenda screens that can be integrated directly into your own website
  • gives information about public classes and meetings etc also includes event organiser contact details - this then reduces the amount of calls to the Booking Officer!


The Hallmaster service is easy to use, simply REGISTER your hall, venue or service to start your 90 Day Free Trial and quickly upload information.